Trough (Meteorology)

Joe Joyce WBZ-TV Meteorologist

Summer-Like Sunday Likely to Break Records

High pressure SW of New England is firmly in control today wrapping in warming light WNW winds which will warm the eastern facing beaches today. Temps in the valleys this AM are in the 40’s, with temps in the 60’s in the hills. Sunshine with highs in the Lwr-mid 80’s by this afternoon.


Joe Joyce WBZ-TV Meteorologist

Summer Returns For Columbus Day Weekend

Temps are starting off crisp and cool early this AM, but will quickly be on the rise today. At 9:30 AM we have already come close to where our highs were Friday…and we have quite a bit more daylight to go! By late morning, widespread 60’s…by afternoon, highs will be in the 70’s and lwr 80’s.


Joe Joyce WBZ-TV Meteorologist

Humid Stretch Showing Signs Of Ending

High pressure is close enough to provide enough subsidence for some increasing PM sunshine across the north with skies becoming partly sunny. This stable sinking air should allow for some brightening to the skies this afternoon in the south as well…with more clouds south of the Pike closer to the front.

Winds are extremely light today, but expect them to shift onshore this afternoon for a feeble onshore wind. This will keep it slightly cooler at the beaches in the mid 70’s with many inland areas in the upper 70’s and Lwr 80’s, especially if we break into any period of sunshine…which I am expecting to develop this afternoon.


Joe Joyce WBZ-TV Meteorologist

Fall Feel For Football Sunday, But Summer Not Over Yet!

High pressure firmly in place over Maine is supplying plenty of dry air into the low levels with light NE winds. I am expecting the morning clouds to begin to break and give way to increasing afternoon sunshine. Temps are starting off warmer thanks to the increased cloud cover overnight. Highs will be climbing into the mid 60’s inland and remain in the lwr 60’s at the coast with the onshore winds.


Joe Joyce WBZ-TV Meteorologist

Cool Weekend…Mild Midweek

Plenty of sunshine out there today with high thin cirrus clouds drifting above our heads. A trough to our west will be pushing into the region this afternoon bringing a few thicker middle level clouds along with it. High pressure at the surface will keep us dry and cool with highs in the mid 60’s for most. Winds will be light, so a PM seabreeze will keep temps mainly in the lower 60’s at the beaches.


Joe Joyce WBZ-TV Meteorologist

Saying Goodbye to Summer This Labor Day Weekend

Morning stratus and low level fog is making for a hazy morning across the region…with more clouds west and southeast. Any Morning clouds will give way to increasing afternoon sunshine. SW winds with warm air aloft, along with hazy sun will allow temps to climb to the mid-upper 80’s inland, mid 80’s coast with 70’s on the Cape.


Clouds & Cool Win The Next Few Days

Upper Level winds are steering clouds and moisture from the tropics right up the Eastern searboard into New England today. A cloudy cool overcast kind of day can be expected with temps remaining in the 40’s with cool NNE winds which are helping to push away any sort of warmth left over from yesterday.