All Good Things Come To An End...Sunshine and light SW winds will allow temps to warm up quickly this morning into the afternoon. Highs will be climbing into the mid-upper 70's inland. Winds will be light enough to turn onshore during the afternoon...a sea breeze will keep temps in the Lwr 70s at the beach. High clouds may increase a bit during the afternoon...but just an all around stellar day outside.
Breaking Down The Humidity With Storms & DownpoursSW winds continue to pump oppressive humidity into New England with dewpoints again ranging from 70-76 degrees. Hazy sun and clouds are warming temps up again into the 80's, with the potential for a few Lwr 90's this afternoon. I do not expect the kind of heat we had yesterday due to a few more clouds. Plus a welcome breeze today will pick up this afternoon with gusts over 20 mph to help to stir the stagnant air and make the day more tolerable.
Heat & Humidity Remain for Now...But Signs of ChangeWe are quickly warming this morning from the 70's into the 80's. Buy midday, some areas will be approaching 90. Sunshine in place this morning will fade this afternoon under thickening clouds in advance of a prefrontal trough which is triggering a few scattered showers/storms in western/central NY. The increasing clouds will help to slow the warming. Hazy sunshine should last at our eastern facing beaches into the early afternoon before turning mostly cloudy. Dewpoints have been rising into the mid 60's and will likely climb to near 70 before the day is through so a typical muggy summer day in July with highs in the upper 80's and lwr 90's.
A Change In The Wind....There are plenty of left over clouds this morning in SNH, western and central MA. Some of these clouds will push to the coast around lunch time along with the cold front. Winds will shift and pick up from the WNW this afternoon and temperatures will continue to free fall right through the evening with colder air draining in from Canada. Increasing sunshine later this afternoon with temps falling into the 30's.
Dodging The Downpours Today...With A Look At The WeekendRain will be filling in for the rest of the morning. Periodic heavy rain will track up the coast through the afternoon and evening delivering a widespread 1-2" of rainfall with locally heavier amounts unto 3" in areas which end up seeing more persistent pockets of rain track through mixed in with quieter moments. The peak of the rain will be from 12 PM-12 AM...but a few downpours after midnight can not be ruled out even though there will be a trend to taper to showers overnight through early Thursday.
Tuesday Transition Before Wednesday Afternoon/Evening Rain The clouds will begin to thin this afternoon for some partial sun to emerge. A breeze from the SW will allow temps to rebound back into the mid-upper 60's with any breaks of PM sun. The Warmest spot will be SE MA and locations towards the coast.
Summer-Like Sunday Likely to Break RecordsHigh pressure SW of New England is firmly in control today wrapping in warming light WNW winds which will warm the eastern facing beaches today. Temps in the valleys this AM are in the 40's, with temps in the 60's in the hills. Sunshine with highs in the Lwr-mid 80's by this afternoon.
Summer Returns For Columbus Day WeekendTemps are starting off crisp and cool early this AM, but will quickly be on the rise today. At 9:30 AM we have already come close to where our highs were Friday...and we have quite a bit more daylight to go! By late morning, widespread 60' afternoon, highs will be in the 70's and lwr 80's.