Green Line T Car Catches Fire At Haymarket StationA green line trolley was evacuated after one car caught fire at Haymarket Station Tuesday evening.
MBTA Green Line Inspector Dragged By TrolleyAn MBTA inspector spent the night in the hospital after she was dragged by a Green Line trolley Monday evening.
Green Line T Stuck In Snow For HoursSnow on the tracks caused a green line MBTA trolley to become stuck at Coolidge Corner.
Green Line Service Resumes, Train Derailment Probe UnderwayInvestigators are taking a close look at performance of the trolley driver who has a lengthy driving record.
Green Line Trolley Strikes Car In BostonAn MBTA trolley crashed into a car that turned onto the tracks in Allston Monday night.
Green Line Trolley Crash Caused By Human ErrorThe MBTA says human error is to blame for the Green Line crash. Two passengers and a trolley operator say they have back and neck pain.
Front Door Only Policy Begins On Green Line BranchEffective Tuesday, at most above-ground stops on the D-Line, only the front doors of the trolleys will open.
MBTA Triples Number Of Three-Car Trains On Green LineStarting next week, the "T" will nearly triple the number of three-car trains on the Green Line. They will also add the trains to the E-branch.