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Pick-A-Side: Which Is Your Favorite Thing About Spring?

The days are longer, the flowers bloom and cookouts are back in season. What’s your favorite thing about Spring?


Winter moth (File Image)

Mass. Braces For Winter Moth Surge

Forestry officials are warning of significant tree defoliation in Massachusetts this spring caused by the invasive winter moth.


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Real Or Fake Christmas Trees: What’s Better For The Environment?

Experts say you have to keep a fake tree for a pretty long time to lessen its impact on the environment.


Asian-Long-Horned-Beetle (AP Photo)

Worcester Says Asian Longhorned Beetle Problem Is “Under Control”

After three years of battling the destructive Asian Longhorn Beetle, officials say they finally have the problem under control.


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New England Fall Foliage May Disappoint Some This Year

New Hampshire has seen record numbers of leaf peepers, but reviews have been mixed.


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Worcester Spraying 95,000 Trees To Kill Asian Longhorn Beetles

Federal officials say more than 95,000 trees in the Worcester area are in line for chemical treatment this spring in the ongoing battle against the invasive Asian longhorned beetle.


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Squirrels Unplug Braintree Lighting Ceremony

Weather has been known to delay a holiday tree lighting from time to time. But this year’s lighting ceremony in Braintree is delayed by something else in nature.


Fall foliage… in summer?

A hot, dry summer has pushed the trees in some locations to autumn mode. WBZ producer Jon MacLean speaks with Adrienne Keildsing , who blogs for Yankee Magazine.