Keller @ Large: Who Should Decide?Two Senators are trying to create a law that would force the president to seek more approval from Congress before using military force.
Keller @ Large: Don't Pardon The InterruptionsJon says Mike Pence was smoother than Tim Kaine.
Kaine Attacks, Pence Fights Back In VP DebateThe two men, who have received little attention in a race focused on the top two candidates, faced off for 90 minutes in the only vice presidential debate of the campaign.
Kaine Goes On Attack Against Trump In New HampshireStumping for votes in the Granite State, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine criticized GOP nominee Donald Trump Saturday for not releasing his tax returns.
Hillary Clinton Picks Sen. Tim Kaine As Running MateHillary Clinton announced Friday night that Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine will be her running mate for the presidential election.
Keller @ Large: Kaine A Perfect Fit For ClintonIf Sen. Tim Kaine is Clinton's pick, it’s easy to see why; Kaine checks quite a few political boxes.
Sen. Tim Kaine Attends Fundraiser In Boston Amid VP SpeculationVirginia Senator Tim Kaine wasn't dropping any hints when he came to Boston for a long planned fundraiser on Friday.
Patrick Gears Up For Obama Re-Election Bid President Barack Obama is reaching out to an old friend and fellow Democrat as he prepares for a tough re-election campaign: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.
Gov. Patrick Creates A Federal PACMassachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is forming a federal political action committee. The director of Patrick's state committee said the governor decided to form a federal committee to help coordinate and finance his activities on behalf of the national Democratic Party.
Gov. Patrick Meets With DNC Chairman KaineGov. Patrick headed to Washington to meet with Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine on Tuesday evening.