Theo Epstein MLB Trade Deadline

Felger & Mazz On: Sox Chances To Make Playoffs

Michael Felger & Tony Massarotti discuss the Red Sox chances of making the postseason. Was the injury to Youkilis the nail in the coffin? Or were the Red Sox already out of it?


Felger & Mazz On: Sox Not Making Deadline Moves

Felger & Massarotti discuss the Red Sox not adding a major player at the MLB trade deadline. Does the lack of a major move prove that the Red Sox front office gave up on this […]


Felger & Mazz On: Francona's Bullpen Management

Felger’s back on vacation, so Tony Massarotti and guest host Dan Roche discuss Terry Francona’s management of the bullpen. Has Terry’s lack of trust in the relievers started to tax the starting pitching, Bard, and […]


Felger & Mazz On: The Trade Deadline

After last night’s loss and with only 10 days remaining before the MLB trade deadline, Tony Massarotti and guest host Dave Goucher discuss what the Red Sox need to do. But will the Red Sox […]