The Phantom Gourmet

Square Cafe in Hingham

Phantom Gourmet: Square Cafe In Hingham

Back in 2001, delicious food a stylish dining room were hard to find in the suburbs, unless you were at Square Cafe in Hingham.


Mozzarella String Cheese

Phantom Gourmet: Mozzarella String Cheese Taste Test

The Phantom Gourmet recently taste-tested four brands of mozzarella string cheese from a local supermarket.


Orta in Pembroke

Phantom Gourmet: Orta In Pembroke

With pizza baked Neopolitan style, chicken braised Sicilian style and pastas made in all kinds of styles, if it’s Italian, you’ll probably find it on the menu at Orta.


Toucher & Rich: D.A. On The Phantom Gourmet, The Khaki Man Can

D.A. was on Phantom Gourmet awhile back and Toucher & Rich got some great sound clips. Well he was back at it again this time embracing the jokes that T&R made about his last appearance.

98.5 The Sports Hub–01/05/2012

Panini Sandwich

Phantom Gourmet: Bacaro In Providence

At Bacaro in Providence, partners Brian Kingsford and Jennifer Matta are serving up a new way to experience Italian cuisine.


File photo

Phantom Gourmet: The Marliave In Downtown Crossing

The Phantom Gourmet recently visited a Boston dining institution.


Blue Inc Food

The Phantom Gourmet: Blue Inc. In Boston

Jason Santos was a star on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, and now he’s running his own kitchen, at the aptly named Blue Inc.


Pasta Sauce

Phantom Gourmet: Spicy Pasta Sauce Taste Test

The Phantom Gourmet recently purchased spicy pasta sauces at a local supermarket as part of a taste test.


The Phantom Gourmet recently conducted a honey mustard taste test.

Phantom Gourmet: Honey Mustard Taste Test

The Phantom Gourmet recently taste-tested supermarket honey mustards. Which brand is at the top of the food chain?


Pogo's in Bridgewater

Phantom Gourmet: Pogo’s In Bridgewater

Breakfast is served. And it’s big enough to get you through the entire week. At Pogo’s in Bridgewater, bacon and eggs gets a big-time upgrade.