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Daily Talker: What Do You Think About The Celebrity Hacking Scandal?

The FBI is investigating after reports that 100 celebrities were hacked and their nude photos were leaked online. The private pictures may have been stored in the same place you store your personal photos and documents.


(Image: WBZ-TV)

Daily Talker: Skipping A Family Member’s Wedding

Mark Wahlberg skipped his brother’s wedding.


Daily Talker: Goodell’s Mea Culpa

How should the NFL deal with players who commit domestic violence?


Daily Talker: How Young Is Too Young To Shoot?

Should children be allowed to learn to shoot weapons like an Uzi?


Daily Talker: Should Protesting Workers Be Protected?

The Boston office of the National Labor Relations Board will investigate an unfair labor practice charge filed by a Market Basket employee. The employee filed the charge last week accusing the supermarket chain of threatening to fire protesting workers and having a hostile work environment.


Daily Talker: What’s The Worst Thing About Massachusetts Drivers?

Massachusetts drivers are some of the worst in the country. That’s according to Allstate’s 10th annual America’s Best Drivers Report.


Daily Talker: Should School Start Later?

The American Academy of Pediatrics is now urging schools to start the school day at 8:30am or later. Pediatricians say that will give students a better chance of getting the 8 ½ to 9 ½ hours of sleep they need a night.


Daily Talker: Banning The Ice Bucket Challenge

Should certain public officials be banned from participating in fundraisers like the Ice Bucket Challenge?


Daily Talker: A Tale Of Two World Leaders

Should President Obama cut his vacation short to return to Washington after the murder of journalist James Foley?


Daily Talker: No More Baby Pictures?

Should parents stop posting photos of their babies and young children online?