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Daily Talker: What Do You Think Of Disney’s Decision To Stop Donating To The Boy Scouts?

The Walt Disney Company plans to stop donating money to the Boy Scouts of America next year because of the group’s ban on gay adult leaders.


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Daily Talker: Was It Disrespectful Of Beyonce To Use The NASA Audio Recording?

NASA doesn’t like the singer’s new song “XO” because it uses NASA’s audio recorded moments after the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded.


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Daily Talker: What Are Your Christmas Traditions?

How do you spend the holiday? Do you do anything different?
What is your favorite Christmas tradition?


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Daily Talker: How Do You Get The Best Deals And Protect Your Money During The Holiday Season?

We want to know, are you a last-minute shopper? In the wake of the massive security breach at Target stores across the country, are you concerned about the purchases you made this holiday season? How do you get the best deals and protect your money during the holiday season?



Daily Talker: Life Support Battle

The family of a 13-year-old girl who was declared brain-dead after having surgery to remove her tonsils will go to court to prevent a hospital from taking her off life support.

The mother of Jahi McMath wants Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California to keep the girl alive until after Christmas, but she said hospital officials were not receptive to their request. “I don’t want to have my Christmas every year remind me of her being taken off a ventilator,” said the mother.


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Daily Talker: What Are You Buying This Holiday Season And How Much Are You Planning To Spend?

Time is running out. You have less than 2 weeks to get your Christmas shopping done. Holiday shoppers are picking up the pace, giving a boost to the economy just in time for the holidays. […]


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Daily Talker: Should Flu Vaccines Be Mandatory?

Every child going to preschool or day care in New York City will soon be required to get the flu vaccine. Supporters say the vaccine can save lives and keep kids from getting sick. But opponents say parents should decide what’s best for their children.


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Daily Talker: Should Young Children Be Exposed To Electronic Devices Like iPads?

It’s called the Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPads. It comes with an attachment where parents can insert an iPad. Your baby can lay in it and look at the iPad for hours. But, is this really a good idea?


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Daily Talker: Teachers Fired For Out-Of-Wedlock Pregnancy

Two teachers were fired from Lawrence Catholic Academy after the school found out they were having a baby. Why exactly were the teachers fired? They’re not married.


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Daily Talker: How Far Can Patriots Go If Gronk Is Out For Season?

Rob Gronkowski’s season with the Patriots could be over. The tight end had to be driven off the field last night after being hit by Cleveland Browns safety T.J. Ward. Gronk likely tore a ligament in his right knee.





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