Thanksgiving Forecast

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Thanksgiving Travel Snow Storm: What You Can Expect

The heaviest precipitation will come between 4 and 10 p.m.


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Snow Storm To Make Absolute Mess Of Holiday Travel

The major hubs all along the East Coast will be severely impacted by this untimely coastal storm.


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Major Winter Storm Threatens Holiday Travel

Heavy snow and bad timing will create a Thanksgiving travel headache.



‘Juiced Up’ Storm Could Bring Rain, Snow On Year’s Busiest Travel Day

Confidence is growing that a significant coastal storm is going to ride up the east coast on the busiest travel day of the year, likely causing major travel disruption.



Uneventful Thanksgiving Week

Uneventful, peaceful, calm. Whatever adjective you prefer, we are going to glide through this Thanksgiving week with nearly “no bumps along the road.” We couldn’t ask for better weather during a holiday week!



Thanksgiving Week

It’s a big travel week across our Nation as the Thanksgiving Holiday nears. The week is going to be rather quiet, except for Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve).


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Thanksgiving Week Forecast Details

A little taste of everything this week. No, we aren’t talking about turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. We are talking weather!