Texting While Driving

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New App Reads Texts Aloud While You Drive

It’s dangerous and it’s against the law, still some people simply can’t resist texting while driving. Now there is an App that can help you stay connected and keep your eyes on the road.


Police: Texting while driving ban tough to enforce

WAKEFIELD (WBZ) — It’s been two weeks since the state’s new texting ban went into effect, and police in many cities and towns say they’ve yet to issue any citations because the law is difficult […]


Where Have you Been? Or Was It Me?

     I confess to being a bit remiss in the regularity of my blogging, but I’m sure I’ve got a good excuse.  I’m not terribly sure what that will be right now….but I’ll think of something.


Water Country – Portsmouth, NH

Free Program Helps Texting Drivers Stay Safe

I found that I was being distracted by activities on the cell phone — looking at emails more than I should. Like many, Jack Martin was a distracted…


The New Texting Law

                                           WBZ’s Carl Stevens rides along with a state police trooper on the first day of the state’s “texting while driving” law.


Texting While Driving (A Poem)

A new law, making “Texting While Driving” illegal, prompts a new poem…from WBZ’s Carl Stevens.


No texting and driving – LINK

April Baker admits she often texts her friends while driving, even though the habit has caused her to nearly crash into other vehicles in front of her on a few occasions. But Baker says she […]


New danger: texting while walking

There’s been much focus on the dangers of driving while using a cell phone, but experts say pedestrians are also suffering the consequences of mobile distraction.




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