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Skin Doctors Urge Under-18 Ban On Tanning Beds

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would toughen state regulations for tanning salons.



Self-Tanning Products Are Completely Safe

In order to get a deep, rich tan these days, you no longer have to bake in the sun, which can be dangerous to your health. Now, all you have to do is lather on one of many self-tanning products. But are these gels, mists, and creams safe?


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Keep Your Glow: Boston’s Best Spray Tan Salons

Spray tanning is a popular alternative for New Englanders who want a healthy glow without the health risks associated with traditional tanning. Check out these great places around Boston to keep your glow all year round.


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Doctors: Tanning Can Become Addiction Like Smoking Or Alcoholism

There are many sun worshipers who still want to be tanned despite the health risks.


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RI Looks To Ban Underage Teens From Tanning Beds

Rhode Island would be the first state to prohibit people under 18 from using tanning salons under a proposal passed by the state Senate.


Tanning Beds

Doctors Want Teenagers Banned From Tanning Salons

The American Academy of Pediatrics wants teenagers banned from tanning salons to reduce their risk of skin cancer.


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Sick Of The Snow? Escape Winter Without Going Away

Dreams of summer were a reality for some students fresh off February break, but those who can’t actually get away are creating their own escapes.