Steven Slater

The Koran, The Flight Attendant & Craigslist

     Just a few random thoughts today:   Pastor Terry Jones in Florida, the nutcase in Florida who wants to burn a pile of Korans on 9/11 I see is still praying about his decision. 


JetBlue: Passengers tell different tale

A rogue JetBlue flight attendant’s explanation that an uncooperative passenger caused him to melt down and slide down a parked plane’s emergency chute may not hold water, the airline says in an internal memo.


Audio: Felger & Mazz Rant on "Mankind At Its Worst"

Think Felger & Massarotti have had bad airline experiences? Taking a cue from “American hero” Steven Slater, who quit Jet Blue following an epic tirade, Felger details the story that is now a web sensation […]


VIDEO: Animation of Flight Attendant Steven Slater

NextMedia Animation made a name for themselves with a computer-animated dramatizations of news events, including Tiger Woods’s incident with his wife last Thanksgiving.


Keller At Large 08/11/10

  Jon Keller takes a closer look at the actions of JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater.


Passenger: Airline worker relieved after meltdown

A flight attendant accused of cursing out a passenger on an airplane public-address system and using an emergency slide to hop off looked happy and relieved afterward, a passenger said Tuesday.