Audit: DCF Missing Serious Injuries Suffered By Kids In Its CareThe Department of Children and Families did not know about 260 serious injuries to kids under the agency’s care, including gunshot wounds, burns, broken bones, and head contusions.
Keller @ Large: State Auditor Suzanne BumpWBZ political analyst Jon Keller's guest this week has the job of overseeing how efficiently your tax dollars are being spent.
Businesses Score Dream Leases At Taxpayers' ExpenseWhether it’s a boathouse on the Charles River, or a small private yacht club in Quincy, they have two things in common: They both sit on state property, and they have a deal at taxpayer’s expense.
Former State Auditor Pays Fine For Hiring CousinFormer state Auditor A. Joseph DeNucci has agreed to pay $2,000 for hiring his cousin as a full-time fraud examiner.
27 Fired, 12 Demoted In State Auditor ShakeupThe state auditor's office was actually audited in the last year and found to be lacking in several areas.
Auditor Joe DeNucci Says GoodbyeThe state's top elected officials gathered in the House chambers Friday to honor former state auditor Joe DeNucci.