St. Vincent’s Hospital

police lights

Man Suffers Fatal Gunshot To Chest In Worcester Barbershop

A man was fatally shot in the chest Friday afternoon at a Chandler Street barbershop, the police said.


A police car. (Photo credit should read Mandy Cheng/AFP/Getty Images)

15-Year-Old Injured In Drive-By Shooting In Worcester

A 15-year-old boy showed up to a St. Vincent’s Hospital just after midnight on Friday with a gun shot wound on his hand.


Tim Murray Out Of The Hospital (video)

                                               Lt. Gov. Tim Murray gets out of the hospital in Worcester after overdoing it during a hot, three-day weekend.


Lt. Gov. talks about his hospital stay

Lt. Governor Tim Murray spoke with WBZ’s Carl Stevens and other reporters outside St. Vincents Hospital in Worcester Wednesday.


Lt. Gov. released from the hospital

Lt. Governor Tim Murray is out of the hospital and says he’s ready to get back to work.  Murray checked himself to Saint Vincents Hospital in Worcester Monday night with symptoms of fatigue and discomfort […]