Marvel's Stan Lee Joins Toucher & RichRich and Adolfo got to chat with comic book legend Stan Lee on Friday.
Sony And Marvel Team Up For The Future Of Spider-ManSony and Marvel/Disney are finally bringing Spider-Man and the Avengers back together.
Toucher & Rich: Celebrating The Best Of D.A. With Spi-D.A.Damon Amendolara is taking a national gig with CBS Sports Radio and his last local show is this Friday. Toucher & Rich have had a lot of fun with D.A. over the years, and have had some laughs at his expense. So for the next few days, the guys are going to take a listen to some of the best D.A. clips.
Toucher & Rich: Look Out Here Comes Spi-D.A.Tuesday T&R learned that fellow Sports Hub host Damon Amendolara loves Spider-Man. So much so that he has framed posters and comics at his bachelor pad. With 24 hours at his disposal Rich was able to come up with some theme songs for the Spi-D.A.
Toucher & Rich: D.A.'s Bachelor PadT&R's producer Dan O'Brien is out on vacation for the holiday so filling in was Mark Feldman. Feldman has been to the bachelor pad of Damon Amendolara and the guys discuss all the great things inside.