Sidebar – Declare Your Curiosity

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Curious How Nurses’ Strike Will Affect Patients

I am curious what will happen when multiple hospitals strike the same day? Tufts Medical Center in Boston and St. Vincent Hospital are both holding nursing strikes of over 1700 staff next Friday, May 6th. How can two big hospitals strike the same day and what will happen to the patients? This is very confusing to me. – Daniel, Allston


Curious About the Future of Social Security

I’m curious what future seniors are thinking about how the govt. is using social security and how it’s treating seniors now. – Ronald, Leominster


Frank Knippenberg

Curious Who Was Last Runner To Cross Boston Marathon Finish Line

While most of the world focused on the winners of the Boston Marathon, not everyone was racing to win. They simply wanted to finish.



Curious About Drug Ads

I’m curious if drug advertisers have to mention the possible adverse side affects of taking a particular medication. If yes, who requires that to be done? If I am snacking in front of the TV, I really don’t enjoy hearing some of the things that might happen if I take a medication (vomiting, etc.). – Linda, Woburn


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Curious About How Many People Watch

I’m curious as to how many folks actually watch the 11:00 news every night. I am out the door at 6 a.m. and in bed by 9 pm. I bet if you took a survey asking folks if they see the 11 news they will say no. Just wondering. – Nancy, Stoneham


Robins fly into windows thinking they're seeing rivals.

Curious Why Birds Keep Flying Into Windows

After our long, tough winter, robins are a reassuring sign of spring. But they’re also raising a question.


Route 128

Curious About Rt. 128 Expansion Project

If it seems like a certain highway project has been going on for years, well that’s because it has.


Trash on Highways

Curious About Trash Along Massachusetts Highways

Now that most of the snow has melted, we’re seeing green grass and lots of trash, especially along our highways.


The trooper's cruiser was struck by a car while he was working a

Curious: Move Over Law & Headphones While Driving

Shelley in Gardner is curious about the ‘Move Over Law’ and Elaine in Arlington is curious about wearing headphones while driving.


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Curious About ‘BZ Marathoners

Which WBZ reporters are participating in this year’s Boston Marathon, and what brand of running shoe do they prefer? Also, besides Boston, what are their favorite races? – Robert, W. Yarmouth