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Cape Cod Beaches To Publish Shark Picture Books

Beaches on the Cape Cod National Seashore will have picture books to help beach-goers pick sharks out of a lineup.


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18-Foot Shark Spotted, Tagged Off Chatham Coast

Crews tagged an 18-foot great white shark off the Cape Cod coast on Friday.


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Felger & Mazz: Fear The Sharks!!!

Michael Felger discusses the dangers of great white sharks off Cape Cod, while Mazz and Bertrand have some fun.


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Basking Shark, Not Great White, May Have Chased Kayaker Off Cape Beach

It’s long, has a menacing fin and was last seen shadowing a kayaker Saturday at a Cape Cod beach. But, it may not have been a great white shark after all.


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Kayaker On Close Call With Shark Off Cape Beach: ‘I Got Lucky’

Walter Szulc was brave enough to return to Nauset Beach Monday, two days after the scare of a lifetime.


A sand tiger shark. (File Photo Credit: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Likely Sand Shark Spotted Off NH Beach

A shark sighting at a New Hampshire beach prompted a swimming ban on Monday.


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Cape Cod Beach Reopened After Shark Sighting

A popular Cape Cod beach was reopened on Sunday, one day after it had to be closed because of a shark sighting.


Great white shark off Chatham coast. (Photo credit: George Breen)

New Great White Shark Sightings On Cape Cod

No Cape Cod beaches have been closed to swimming, although officials are warning swimmers to use caution.


Great white shark (File Image)

Great White Sharks Could Return To Cape Earlier Due To Warm Winter

The great white sharks could return to our waters as early as May thanks to our mild winter.


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Sharks May Be Key To Solving Human Diseases

In the search for answers to treating deadly diseases, researchers are turning to the ocean — more specifically turning to sharks.