Navy Decommissions Fire-Damaged Nuclear Submarine A formal decommissioning ceremony is being held Friday at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, where the nuclear-powered submarine was ravaged by a fire set by a shipyard worker in May 2012.
Navy Spent $71 Million Before Deciding To Scrap USS MiamiThe Navy says it spent more than $71 million on cleanup, planning and initial repairs on the fire-damaged USS Miami before plans to return the submarine to service were scuttled.
Navy Decides To Scrap USS Miami After $450 Million FireThe Navy has decided to scrap the USS Miami instead of repairing the nuclear-powered submarine.
Rash Of Manhole Cover Thefts Causes ConcernSeveral catch basin covers have gone missing in the town of Peabody over the past couple of days, which is not only costly to the town, but is posing a safety hazard to the public.