Right Whales

Right Whales off coast of Massachusetts (WBZ-TV)

Super-Sized Mother’s Day For Endangered Right Whales

Scientists at the New England Aquarium say 17 new North Atlantic right whale calves have been born.


Right Whales spotted off Plymouth (CBS)

61 Right Whales Spotted In Cape Cod Bay In 2 Weeks

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is asking boaters and fishermen to slow down in Cape Cod Bay and be on the lookout for critically endangered whales.


File (PCCS Image, NOAA Permit #14603)

Dozens Of Endangered Right Whales Return To Waters Off Cape Cod

The Center for Coastal Studies reports that a large cluster of endangered right whales is feeding in the Cape Cod Bay.


File (PCCS Image, NOAA Permit #14603)

Researcher: Colored Lobster Rope Could Prevent Right Whale Entanglements

Preventing endangered northern right whales from becoming entangled in lobster gear could be as simple as changing the color of rope, a whale researcher says.


Right Whales spotted off Plymouth (CBS)

Right Whales Back In Cape Cod Bay

The North Atlantic right whale is one of the most endangered large whales in the world.


The gliders are operated by Dave Fratantoni, a scientist in the WHOI Physical Oceanography Department. In use by oceanographers for about a decade, gliders move up, down, and laterally in a sawtooth pattern through the water by changing their buoyancy and using their wings to provide lift. They are battery powered and exceptionally quiet -- a critical feature when collecting acoustic data. (Photo by Nick Woods, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Woods Hole Researchers Using Robots To Detect Rare Whales

The torpedo-shaped underwater robots, called gliders, can read calls from four types of endangered whales and relay their locations in real time.


File (PCCS Image, NOAA Permit #14603)

Right Whales Show Up Off Cape Cod A Month Earlier Than Normal

Marine Biologists say a pod of North Atlantic right whales has returned to the waters off the coast of Cape Cod this week.


(Photo courtesy: PCCS-Center for Coastal Studies)

Whale Experts Launch Fight To Save Right Whales

Some leading experts gathered in New Bedford Sunday to publicize the fight to save the North Atlantic Right Whale.


A whale breaches off Provincetown.

Whales Return To Cape Cod, Boating Advisory Issued

Several Right Whales have returned to the area off Provincetown to feed, prompting state officials to put out a warning for boaters.


Several Right whales were spotted off the coast of Massachusetts recently. (Photo Credit: New England Aquarium/YouTube)

Right Place, Right Time, Researchers Spot 60 Right Whales Off The Cape

Researchers from New England Aquarium were out surveying earlier this week when they came across quite a sight.