Renee-Nicole Douceur

Renee-Nicole Douceur. (Photo Credit:

South Pole Evacuee Cleared To Leave Hospital

Renee-Nicole Douceur has been cleared to leave a Maryland hospital and is heading to Vermont to recover.


Renee-Nicole Douceur. (Photo Credit:

NH Woman Evacuated From South Pole Recovering Well After Stroke

The engineer evacuated from a South Pole research station after a stroke may not be skydiving again anytime soon, but her doctor says she is recovering well.


Renee-Nicole Douceur. (Photo Credit:

Sick New Hampshire Engineer Finally Leaves South Pole

A sick New Hampshire woman who’s been working on the South Pole for a year has successfully arrived on a plane in New Zealand for treatment.


Renee-Nicole Douceur. (Photo Credit:

Storm Delays Rescue Of NH Woman From South Pole

Efforts to evacuate an ill New Hampshire woman from the South Pole have been delayed because of a storm.


Renee-Nicole Douceur. (Photo Credit:

NH Resident Set To Be Evacuated From South Pole

A cargo plane that’ll evacuate a sick engineer from the South Pole arrived Friday at a base in Antarctica.