Couple's Wedding Registry Seeks Money For Home RepairsOne couple is asking for cash instead of wedding gifts to put toward making repairs to the foreclosed home they recently bought.
MassDOT Approves Registry Of Motor Vehicles Modernization The Massachusetts Department of Transportation board has approved a contract for a new system to modernize the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
Curious About Registering CarAm wondering how long someone can live in Massachusetts before they need to register their car here? I live in a large apartment building and roughly 1/4 of the cars (with stickers for the bldg, meaning they live here) have out of state plates. Don't these people have to register and pay fees, be insured in MA, and pay excise tax to the local municipality? - Joe, Quincy
Boston Launches Smoke-Free Housing Online RegistryThe city of Boston has officially launched a smoke-free housing registry online.
'Curious' About Driver's License Renewal ReminderDo you know when your driver's license expires? If you don't, you could have a real problem because the Registry of Motor Vehicles has stopped sending...