Isn't It Amazing? Can't We All Just Get Along !!! I make the statement that I prefer to be in Florida during the winter months and a couple of knuckleheads touch off an argument on global warming.
Whitey, Cigarettes, Obama, Casinos, O'Reilly... It's not the Goldberg's the O'Reilly show....but if last night is an indication of how obnoxious he's going to get........."GO PIERS!!!" Scratch that.....I'll switch to "Swamp People" before i ever watch that phony Brit.
Keller @ Large: Does Anyone Want Fairness With Their News Anymore?CNN has been lagging in the ratings for some time now and I want to know if that means people no longer care to have their news delivered straight down the middle.
Just Feel Like Being A Name-DropperSpeaking of the President, did you happen to catch his news conference today? (Tues.) Tom Bergeron has never seen that much dancing at one time, in one show. Barack's hems and haws, stutterin' and stammerin...aah.....aah....aah......umm....umm...dancin' and shufflin' his way through routine questions almost made Barney Frank and Tommy Menino sound like speech therapists.

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