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University Study Involving Hamsters And Steroids Criticized By PETA

Animal rights activists say Northeastern University researchers are cruelly pitting steroid-injected hamsters against undrugged ones to study aggression.



Daily Talker: SeaWorld’s Parade Float Controversy

One of the floats in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is drawing controversy days before the parade even starts.
Animal rights activists say SeaWorld’s float is part of a crisis management plan after a documentary from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals accused the theme park of mistreating killer whales.


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PETA Buys A Fenway Park Brick, Engraves Subliminal Message

Animal rights group PETA is hoping their latest stunt, the purchase of a 100th anniversary brick at Fenway Park, will help convince Bostonians to stop eating lobsters.


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MBTA Declines PETA’s Request To Put Fake Snakes On Subway Cars

The MBTA says it won’t allow it to hang fake snakes from ceilings and handrails because that might interfere with rider safety.


File Image of an MBTA Red Line train.

Snakes On A Train? PETA Hoping To Put Rubber Snakes On MBTA Trolleys

Remember the woman who lost a pet python on the MBTA’s Red Line last year? That gave PETA an idea.


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FDA Will Not Regulate Cruelty Free Labels On Cosmetic Products

New surveys find most Americans oppose animal testing and look for the label that shows cosmetics and personal care products are “cruelty free.”