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Cheap Cupid: The KISS PrincipleI thought it was time again to do a week on being a cheap cupid. Certainly more fun than tax prep!
Your Taxes: Audit Red FlagsLess than one percent of last year’s returns got audited.
Your Taxes: Your InvestmentsThe profit on investments that you hold for less than a year and then sell are considered short term gains and are taxed as ordinary income. Investments you hold longer than one year are taxed at a lower rate, a long term capital gains rate.
Your Taxes: Education Credits & DeductionsCollege is a very expensive experience. Congress and the IRS have given us a few ways to offset education costs.
Your Taxes: Deductions & CreditsTax deductions lower your taxable income. Tax credits provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your income tax liability.
Your Taxes: The First StepThe tax information has begun to arrive. Open those envelopes!
Key Retirement Birthdays: Age 70½Congress and the IRS decided that you cannot leave your pre-tax retirement savings growing forever tax-deferred, so they chose 70½ for you to begin mandatory withdrawals.
Key Retirement Birthdays: Age 65 - Social Security MentalityCurrent thinking has 65 as the normal retirement age and that’s because at one time a worker could collect full Social Security benefits at age 65.
Key Retirement Birthdays: Almost 60Almost 60 is technically 59½, the age you finally can get at those dollars you have been stashing away for years.
Key Retirement Birthdays: Double Digits 55Age 55 seems to be a magical number. It’s the elusive goal for retiring early!
Key Retirement Birthdays: Age 50Many birthdays are key to successful retirement planning, but I thought I'd outline the ones that are key to retirement success.
The Price Of Admission: 529 PlansSaving for college should start when your little one is still in diapers! However, it is never too late to begin at any age.

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