Police Officer Saves Toddler From Choking On PenniesA Lowell police officer saved a 1-year-old child from choking on two pennies on Saturday.
Penny By Penny, Abington Looks To Raise $10K For LibraryAn Abington Lions Club fundraiser seeks to collect one million pennies for the library.
Milford Man Pays Off Mortgage With 800 Pounds Of Pennies He says it became an obsession, but a 35-year-old dream became a reality for a Milford man as he paid off his mortgage with 800 pounds of pennies.
Handful Of Pennies Becomes Road Rage Weapon In AshlandA Framingham man allegedly threw a handful of pennies at another car in an apparent case of road rage.
Curious Whether The Penny Should Be Phased OutWith all of us watching every penny these days, some people say it's the penny that's a problem. Should we abolish the penny?