Dean Of Admissions At Harvard University Explains Some Of The Recent Changes Made To Financial Aid.In part 1 William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean Admissions and Financial Aid at Harvard University explains some of the recent changes made in financial aid.
John Mahoney, Director of Undergraduate Admission At Boston College Discusses Thier Expanding Admission EffortsIn part 2 John Mahoney, Director of Undergraduate Admission at Boston College discusses their expanding admission including: need-based financial aid, grants and loans.
College Financial Opportunities For Middle Class FamiliesIn part 3 The panel discusses financial opportunities for middle class families.
How To Correctly Evaluate Your Financial Aid Award LetterIn part 4 the panel discusses college tuition and fees, how to correctly evaluate your financial aid award letter, what you need to know about the FAFSA form.
The Criteria Used To Determine How Much Financial Aid Is Awarded To An ApplicantIn part 5 the panel discusses the criteria used to determine how much financial aid is awarded to an applicant, including: income of both parents, FASFA, the state of the economy.
Making Affordable Choices And Financial Support Services Available For College StudentsIn part 6 the panel discusses adult continuing education, making affordable choices, financial support services available for college students.
Scholarships And Financial Aid Packages That Are AvailableIn part 7 the panel discusses income contingent loans, scholarships, financial aid packages, changing majors, career choices.