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Aaron Hernandez follows witness testimony on March 20. (WBZ-TV)

How Hernandez Deliberations Stack Up Against Other Trials

Jurors in the murder trial of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez have spent nearly 35 hours deliberating over six days.


Aaron Hernandez in court on Feb. 5 (WBZ-TV)

Hernandez Prosecutor Cites OJ Simpson Case In Judge Request

A lawyer for former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has been challenging police over how they handled the crime scene.


HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 7: Actors Carl Weathers (L) and Sly Stallone (R) pose at singer Frank Stallone's (center) CD Listening and Release party at Capital Records on August 7, 2003 in Hollywood, California.

Top 5 Movie Roles Played By Athletes

Want to be an actor? Just get really good at sports. It worked for these guys. Check out the top 5 movie characters played by athletes.


F. Lee Bailey  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Maine Denies Law License For O.J. Simpson Attorney F. Lee Bailey

F. Lee Bailey, the attorney who represented O.J. Simpson and Patty Hearst, had been denied his request to practice law in Maine.


A new book suggests Jason Simpson, seen in this 1995 photo at his father's trial, killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. (Photo credit: RICK MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)

New Book Says OJ Didn’t Do It, Evidence Points To Son

A private eye from North Texas wants you to question everything you’ve heard. He says the real killer wasn’t O.J., but probably someone very close to him.