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Less Alaskan Oil Than Originally Thought

Federal scientists say the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska contains less than one-tenth of the amount of oil they previously estimated.


Curious How Oil Spill Will Impact New England

Oil has been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico for 72 days; more than 140 million gallons and it keeps flowing. The question many in New England are…


Gulf Oil leak investigation to enter new phase

The blowout preventer has been recovered so that investigators can get to the bottom of what caused the worst oil spill ever. WBZ’s Ed Walsh talks about it with ABC’s Matt Gutman.


Shrimp boats bring big, clean catch to Big Easy

Commercial shrimpers who spent much of the summer mopping up oil in the Gulf of Mexico say the first day back to doing what they normally do was a good one.


Tropical storm threat in the Gulf

[ WBZ’s Ed Walsh talks with CBS’s Dave Cohen about the approach of Tropical Storm Bonnie.


Feds, BP keep eye on oil leak

WBZ’s Ed Walsh gets the latest from CBS news correspondent Dave Cohen in New Orleans.


President Obama on the latest news in the Gulf

President Obama addressed the media from the White House, before heading to Maine for a vacation


Stops and starts for BP engineers

WBZ’s Deb Lawler speaks with CBS reporter DaveĀ  Cohen in Louisiana.


Gulf clean-up, working on 'a whale'

The latest hope for a large-scale cleanup of spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico is riding on the back of “A Whale.”


Alex hurts oil spill clean-up

CBS Dave Cohen tells WBZ’S Ed Walsh, what Alex did to the BP clean up effort.




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