Oil Prices

Keystone XL Pipeline (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Both Sides In Keystone XL Debate Bend Facts

Let’s check some of the claims about the pipeline as a bill approving it heads toward likely passage by the Republican-led Senate and a veto by President Barack Obama.


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New England Gets Windfall From Plummeting Heating Oil Prices

Across New England, lower prices mean hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, putting more money in people’s pockets and giving the region an economic boost.


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Behind The Mic With Joe Mathieu: Oil Glut Could Bring Lower Prices

We’re used to hearing about oil shortages – a finite supply. After all that’s why we pay so much money for the stuff.


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Curious Why Gas Prices Aren’t Dropping Faster

I’m wondering now that the price of oil per barrel is down under $80, we only see a few cents lower at the pumps. I’d like to know when the price of gas was down to $2 something a gallon, what was the price per barrel then?? And why don’t we see a lower price at the pumps now?? – Susan, Graniteville


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Lock-In Oil Prices Skyrocket, Suggest Expensive Winter

Some people are already receiving offers to lock in their heating oil price for the winter, and prices are a lot higher than last year.



Oil Prices Drop, Experts Don’t Expect Gas Prices To Follow

Oil prices may have taken their biggest one-day tumble since April, 2009 but that won’t translate into lower gas prices at the pump, at least not immediately.


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Running On Empty Can Damage Fuel Pumps

With gas near or even ‘past’ $4 per gallon, a lot of people are letting their tanks run dry, which can damage their cars in the process.


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Middle East Crisis, Speculation Leading To Rising Oil Prices

Rising oil prices are raising concerns about the future of the economic recovery.


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Oil Prices Up, Natural Gas Down

Oil prices are up 30 percent this year, but not natural gas.


Dave Caruso, WBZ News Radio

Before The Bell – A Roller Coaster Ride For The Market

WBZ News Radio’s Financial Editor Dave Caruso reports on the Stock Market riding on the price of oil and Subway passes McDonald’s in number of stores.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–03/08/2011