Beware: I'm Evolving....I Might Even Be Morphing! These low-lifes are not just occupiers, demonstrators, whatever anymore.....they're anarchists....they are thugs...they are criminals who will rise to the next level unless we come down on them like stink on poop.
UBL Still Dead...A Whole Year Now...Isn't BHO Wonderful?And if you want just two good reasons why BHO should be elected again as Commander-in-Chief....try this for a slogan: "UBL is dead.....GE is still alive" Thank you BHO and OMG I think I'm getting a little misty over this one.
OK Spin Doctors....Your Work Is Far From Done Yes the entire world of news gathering has changed dramatically since those "good ole days" and believe me, none of those changes is for the better. I still find it exciting, that old manure spreader-pot belly stove kind of politics in New Hampshire is still the American way and I hope it never caves to the Madison Avenue TV-only approach, but it's beginning to do that.