U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision on Obamacare
Thoughts from A 12-Hour Drive from Kentucky To Florida I've decided I've been watching too much TV recently. I kinda got hooked on Mad Men in the past year (playing catch-up) but I started to watch the Premier two-hour show last night, launching the new season and fell asleep 90-minutes in. It's still an award-winner I guess, but two hours straight of smokin', drinking and boinkin' is a bit much for a man of my advanced years.
NightSide - Mandatory Gun Ownership Bill Submitted in South DakotaShould everyone be required to buy a gun? We're required to buy health care.
Defending O-Bummer-Care
Is The Phrase "Oh Bummer Care" Out Of Bounds? "Oh Bummer Care": Funny And Accurate Or Disgraceful?