Nurse Strike, Lockout At Tufts Medical Center EndsAbout 1,200 nurses returned to their regular shifts at Tufts Medical Center at 7 a.m. Monday, after a 24-hour strike and four-day lockout left them picketing outside for the last week.
Tufts: Police Called After Strike Supporters Involved In 'Violent Attack'In a statement, the hospital said supporters of the Massachusetts Nurses Association attacked buses trying to bring temporary nurses to work early in the morning. State Police stated that they did not respond to any violent reports.
Tufts Medical Center: 'We're Ready' If Nurses Strike WednesdayOfficials at Tufts Medical Center said they are prepared in the event that nurses go through with their planned strike on Wednesday.
Tufts Nurses Plan One-Day StrikeNurses at Tufts Medical Center in Boston are planning a one-day strike to protest what they say are the hospital's "safety issues."
Curious How Nurses' Strike Will Affect PatientsI am curious what will happen when multiple hospitals strike the same day? Tufts Medical Center in Boston and St. Vincent Hospital are both holding nursing strikes of over 1700 staff next Friday, May 6th. How can two big hospitals strike the same day and what will happen to the patients? This is very confusing to me. - Daniel, Allston