MIT Scientist Among 3 Nobel Prize Winners For Detection Of Gravitational WavesRainer Weiss, an 85-year-old emeritus professor at MIT, had been working on detecting gravitational waves for 40 years before the find in September 2015.
Keller @ Large: Let's End Our Addiction To AwardsBob Dylan won the Nobel Prize, but it's starting to look like he could care less about it. Jon says that's so fitting and a great statement to make.
Keller @ Large: My Nobel Prize RecommendationsJon says suddenly the Nobel Prizes are relevant again.
Harvard, MIT Economists Share Nobel Prize For Contract TheoryBritish-born Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom of Finland won the Nobel prize in economics for shedding light on how contracts help people deal with conflicting interests, from CEO pay packages to whether to privatize a public service.
Nobel Prize Winner For Chemistry Debunks Science In Wells ReportAs predicted, the New England Patriots will not go silently into the night.
Transplant Doc, Nobel Winner Murray Dies In BostonDr. Joseph E. Murray, who performed the world's first successful kidney transplant and won a Nobel Prize for his pioneering work, has at age 93.
Harvard Professor Awarded Nobel Economics Prize For Match-MakingTwo Americans were awarded the Nobel economics prize on Monday for studies on the match-making taking place when doctors are coupled up with hospitals, students with schools and human organs with transplant recipients.
Nobel Prize in chemistry to Springfield native