Call 4 Action: Homeowner Gets Payment For Mold Cleanup After Sloppy Insulation JobAn inspector determined the cause of the mold was improper insulation installation in the attic.
I-Team: Businesses Owed Money Try To Force Boston Energy Company Into BankruptcyFour businesses claim they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars for unpaid services from a shuttered energy efficiency firm, and are trying to force a bankruptcy case to recoup that money.
I-Team: Next Step Living Abruptly Shuts Down, Leaving Mass Save Customers In LimboBoston-based energy efficiency company Next Step Living abruptly closed its doors without warning on Friday.
I-Team: Customer Complaints Raise Questions About Mass Save Contractor OversightMass Save has helped thousands of homeowners save on their energy bills, but the I-Team found hundreds of complaints against one company.
How To Go Solar In BostonIf you're considering installing solar panels to your home or just want to learn about how you can purchase solar power through your utility, there are a number of programs in Boston aimed at making it as easy as possible.
Where To Get Solar For Your Home In BostonBostonians are passionate about taking action to prevent the severe climate change, and one very important way to do so is by choosing renewable energy sources.