Kerry: GOP To Blame For Super Committee FailureU.S. Sen. John Kerry is blaming Republicans' staunch opposition to taxes for the failure of a bipartisan congressional committee to come up with a deal to reduce the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion.
Keller @ Large: Super Committee Failure Could Trigger "Devastating" Cuts In Mass.The debt "super committee" is officially throwing in the towel, announcing it could not reach a deal to cut the deficit. Jon Keller is at large with the failure's effect on Mass.
Keller @ Large: Grossman Talks Debt Crisis And Its Effect LocallyThe nation's credit crisis is causing a lot of concern on Wall Street and in local communities concerned about their credit rating. Jon Keller is at large.
NightSide - Senator Scott Brown (R- MA) Joins Dan Rea To Talk About The Debt CeilingSenator Scott Brown Weighs In On The Debt Debate
Sen. John Kerry Says Compromise Needed In Debt ShowdownSen. John Kerry told reporters Friday that Democrats are ready to make concessions on safety net programs but some Republicans have refused to budge from their demand that no taxes, even on the nation's wealthiest, be part of that deal.
Help Me Search for a NEW President. (haven't found one yet)OK guys......while you're taking a look at the list of Republicans who think they ought to be President of the United States, including the forum tonight, a couple of things you may want to consider. I'm reasonably pleased with the list of contenders on the GOP side, but positively convinced that one of them should be President? I don't think so.
From the Sublime…I scratch at my slowly graying temples these days and wonder, “Where in the Good Lord’s name is this thing we call society heading?”
Keller @ Large: Rep. Stephen Lynch On Budget CutsCongress will continue wrangling over the president's plan when they return to work on Capitol Hill. Jon Keller is at large.
NightSide - Congressman Paul Ryan Talks With Dan Rea About President Obama's SpeechRep. Paul Ryan joins Dan to talk about the President’s speech and how the President’s rhetoric about debt/deficit reduction doesn’t match his actions.
'Curious' About Consequences Of Federal DebtBillions, Trillions. The amounts of money being tossed around in Washington, D.C. these days are nothing short of staggering. Nadine of Beverly is...