Work The Night Shift Atop New England: Mt. Washington Observatory Is Now HiringHere’s a job opportunity that will take your career to new heights.
Here Comes Winter: Icy Scene Atop Mount WashingtonYou wouldn’t know it’s still October at the summit of Mount Washington.
Wintry Scene Atop Mount Washington Monday MorningFall may have just officially begun last week, but on Mount Washington, there's a sign that winter is coming.
June 9 On Mount Washington: Snow, Sleet & Freezing RainThe mountain’s observatory posted a photo Thursday morning from the summit that looks like it could easily be from the dead of winter.
Winds Topping 100 MPH Blow Over Mount Washington Weather ObserverIt’s been a windy couple of days in New England, but nothing compared to the scene on Mount Washington Monday.
This Day In History: Mount Washington's 231-Mph Wind Gust Sets World RecordOn April 12, 1934, weather observers at the summit of Mount Washington recorded wind speeds that no one else on Earth has witnessed since.
Supercooled Clouds Form Stunning Ice Kingdoms Atop MountainsWinter is over a month away, but otherworldly ice kingdoms already have formed atop some New Hampshire mountains.
Wind Chill Bottoms Out At -86 Atop Mount WashingtonNowhere is the weather more challenging in this region than atop New England’s highest peak, Mount Washington in New Hampshire.
Mount Washington Hits All-Time January HighThe January thaw in New England has even reached New Hampshire's Mount Washington, which recorded the all-time warmest temperature ever for the month.