4 Climbers Die Near Top Of Mount Everest In Tragic WeekendClimbers from the United States, India, Slovakia and Australia died on the mountain over the weekend.
Concord Climber On Mount Everest During Nepal Earthquake: Thought 'This Was It'Jim Davidson, a longtime Concord resident, said he feared he would be killed as he heard avalanches crashing around him on Mount Everest as a result of a massive earthquake in Nepal.
Climb The Tallest Mountain In The World In 30 MinsMount Everest gets all the credit, but Hawaii's Mauna Kea (an idle volcano that's been around for, you know, a million years) is technically the world's tallest mountain. Technically. While it stands 13,800ft above sea level, more than two thirds of the hill is actually submerged underwater, which brings the total height to 33,136ft.