Most Annoying Fans

T&R Podcast: 8/9 Hour 3

At this hour: The Most Annoying Fans Bracket pairs Jets fans against fans of any team from Philadelphia in the finals, and Rich & Adolfo talk to some break dancers.


Toucher and Rich Recap 8/6/2010

Hour 1: Reminiscing of the last day of WBCN. Why is everyone pissed about Shaq joining the Celtics? Where’s Adolfo? Male Bag- RBI, Rib Balloons Indeed, Screech is wrestling in Massachusetts, backyard wrestling, Andy Gresh […]


Toucher and Rich Recap 8/5/2010

Hour 1: Ellsbury’s back…finally. But is he welcome? Kiss will be performing at Comcast Center Aug. 7. Paul Stanley is bound to talk a lot. Did Brett Favre send penis pictures to Jenn Sterger of […]


Toucher and Rich Recap: 8/03/2010

Hour 1: Clips of Adolfo on the D.A. Show. Red Sox talk- Ellsbury on the bench. Male Bag- A Rod sucks, Carlos Santana’s knee, Kalish, Scooby Doo, Lackey, “Inception” vs. “Step Up 3D” and Tom […]


T&R Podcast: 8/3 Hour 3

On this hour of Toucher & Rich, The Most Annoying Fans in Sports, Drunken Red Sox Recap and a game called “Do I make more money than Tom Brady?”


The Most Annoying Fans in Sports: Canadiens vs. Cowboys

Check out the full bracket!


T&R Podcast: 7/28 Hour 3

On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Mr. Skin calls in to talk nudity and the bracket for most annoying fans in sports is filled out.


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/27/2010

Hour 1: Baseball talk- J.T. the Brick calls out people who don’t go to games. Male Bag- Rajon Rondo talks about the “Three Kings.” There will probably be a new porno coming out called “Conception,” […]