Michael Felger

Felger: Patriots Will Score More Than 90 Points Combined In Next Two GamesWarm up the Honk-o-Meter, because Felger & Mazz have themselves some Patriots excitement.
Felger: Cam Newton Is A Big Baby For Complaining About Ed Hochuli"I'm going to do something today that I don't know if I've ever done before -- come to the defense of Ed Hochuli."
2015 Patriots Vs. 2007 Patriots: Which Team Is Better?People in New England are starting to say the 2015 Patriots are better than the 2007 version. Let's examine that comparison.
Felger: Reduction Of Hardy's Suspension Another Sign Of Goodell's IncompetenceMichael Felger and Jim Murray are both shocked the NFL reduced Greg Hardy's suspension to four games, but thing it's good news for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
Felger: Will Tom Brady's Performance Take A Hit Without Someone Deflating His Footballs?"In times of trouble, he has a bad night, the ball is too hard, can he go to his guys and say, 'Get thes balls right next week, by the way. They didn't feel right.' He can't do that."
Felger: Not Outraged, Because Hamilton Isn't That GoodWhile many Bruins fans aren't very happy with the team for trading away 22-year-old defenseman Dougie Hamilton, Michael Felger doesn't share their outrage.
Felger: Bruins Didn't Get Enough In Return For Dougie HamiltonThe Boston Bruins made a whopper of a trade on Friday afternoon. Michael Felger and Big Jim Murray reacted to the news live on air.
Felger: Fire John Farrell, Because He Doesn't Know What He's Doing"Fire him! He doesn't know what he's doing."
Felger: Sox Should Have Fired Farrell A Month Ago, But Can't Do It NowThe Red Sox appear to be in turmoil, but Michael Felger explains why firing manager John Farrell would be the wrong move at the moment.
Felger: Typical LeBron JamesFelger has been rooting for LeBron in the NBA Finals, but what he saw Thursday night made him sick.
Felger Flips Out While Reading An Article Written By A Patriots FanIt doesn't take much to send Michael Felger into a tizzy, and Thursday afternoon was no exception.
Michael Felger's Annual Montreal Canadiens Schadenfreude CelebrationEach year when the Canadiens get eliminated from the playoffs, it's a happy day for Michael Felger.