Polls Close In Boston Mayor's Race Preliminary ElectionThe city says that 113,222 votes were cast in the primary. That's 30% of the city's 368,000 registered voters.
Keller @ Large: Low Voter Turnout In Boston Mayor Vote Would Be PatheticLess than a one-third voter turnout would be a pathetic outcome, a troubling sign of voter ignorance, indifference and negligence.
Mayor Menino Casts Vote For Potential ReplacementFor the first time in two decades, the name "Thomas Menino" was not on the ballot for the mayor of Boston.
Boston Preliminary Election Voting Information Boston's preliminary election is Tuesday, September 24.
Road To City Hall Part 4: A City They Love The 12 candidates vying to succeed Menino have been out in the neighborhoods hoping to gain traction in a wide open race.
Walsh, Conley Question Who Can Fight City Crime Better No question, the genteel veneer of the mayor's race is starting to slip as voting day approaches and for two of the leading candidates.
Road To City Hall Part 3: Education Tops List Of Issues In RaceDespite the sweltering heat, it was an overflow crowd at Boston Teachers Union Hall In Dorchester last Wednesday.
New Poll Shows Connolly Ahead In Boston Mayoral RaceA dozen candidates to be Boston's next mayor will be narrowed down to just two next week.
Road To City Hall Part 2: Neighborhoods Play Role In RaceBoston's Action for Community Development held a Mayor's Forum at their headquarters in downtown Boston last week.
Money May Not Be Everything In Boston Mayor's RaceTuesday's Boston Globe endorsement of City Councilor John Connolly and community activist John Barros gives them a boost and is especially helpful to Barros.
Road To City Hall Part 1: Mayoral Candidates In Race To Be HeardTwelve days before Boston's Preliminary Election, and a number of the mayoral candidates were pressing the flesh at a Senior's Picnic in Roxbury.
Meet The Mayoral Candidates: Felix Arroyo & Marty Walsh On Sunday, he sat down with Felix Arroyo and Rep. Marty Walsh.