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Tutoring Resources in Boston

We’ve compiled a list of tutoring resources in the Boston area for those still in school and those returning to the classroom that just need a little bit of extra help.

CBS Boston–11/01/2011

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Best Fall Boots For Under $100 In Boston

To help you transition into the fall with panache, the following boots—all under $100—won’t break the bank and will leave you looking as if you stepped out of a magazine.

CBS Boston–10/18/2011

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Getting Crafty, How To Make Your Own Faux-Leather Pouch

Faux-Leather pouches are ‘in’ and they can be expensive. But they’re easy enough to make yourself.

CBS Boston–10/04/2011

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Best Salons For A Great Haircut $65 And Under

– By Martini Severin If you are looking for a haircut home but have yet to find it, the suggestions below will wow you with their low prices, wonderful service and stylists/barbers who are interested […]


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Best Mani/Pedi Deals Under $40 In Boston

Finding a nail salon that is clean, offers good value and good service is hard to find. Here are a few picks that won’t break your wallet and will keep your nails looking well-groomed.

CBS Boston–09/20/2011

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Dressing Your Best

Martini Severin writes about dressing your best and gives a list of boutiques where you will find a day dress that will work for your wardrobe for years to come.

CBS Boston–08/23/2011

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Belting Up Your Next Outfit

I’m a huge belt lover. I wear them with skirts, dresses, over shirts, blazers, and under blazers. The only thing I don’t do is wear them with jeans or pants.

CBS Boston–08/16/2011

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Where To Find The Perfect Baking Dish In Boston

Somewhere between Thanksgiving and Easter, I lost my favorite white baking dish. I found a new one, a great one, at a local hardware store.


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Being Green & Stylish, Using Vintage Hankies Instead of Tissues

What started as a common cold turned into a new obsession, handkerchiefs.

CBS Boston–07/05/2011

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I’m Obsessed With… Decanters

One day while making dinner, my eyes fell on the hutch that serves as coffee station and wine and cocktail bar in our kitchen…

CBS Boston–06/21/2011