Hook: A 'World-Class City' Wouldn't Have Rejected Olympics Before Learning DetailsMarshall Hook led a healthy discussion about whether the Olympics would have actually been more viable than most folks believed.
98 Mile Battle: Vote Fred Toucher Vs. Marshall HookAfter a three-day hiatus, the much-anticipated return of 98 Mile III hit the Sports Hub airwaves on Tuesday morning.
Toucher & Rich Draft: Which Song Should Be Banned From Sporting Events?Though Fred and Wallach were not in, the Toucher & Rich Draft must go on.
Jon Keller: Boston 2024 Olympic Bid Improved, But Financial Risk Still A Concern For Taxpayers"I am not against the Boston Olympics. I am highly skeptical of that and any other grandiose, massive urban redevelopment scheme, as someone who commuted through the Big Dig for 14 years of my life."
Red Sox Sell Most Expensive Tickets And Beer In MLB At Fenway ParkThe Red Sox offer the most expensive prices for tickets and beer. Is going to a game worth it?
Murray: Why Extend John Farrell Now?Entering his third year at the helm, it's been a mixed bag for Red Sox manager John Farrell. So why extend his contract now?
Felger & Mazz: Marshall Hook Has A Problem With Little League World Series Coverage"Takenado" Marshall Hook doesn't like to see the exploitation of children's emotions, but is he way off?
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