Greater Lowell YMCA (WBZ-TV)

Lifeguards, Bystanders Credited With Pulling Man From Lowell Pool

Police in Lowell say swift action by two lifeguards and a pair of bystanders saved a man from drowning at the Greater Lowell YMCA pool.


Lowell Police Officer Chad Collins saved a toddler who was choking on pennies. (WBZ-TV)

Police Officer Saves Toddler From Choking On Pennies

A Lowell police officer saved a 1-year-old child from choking on two pennies on Saturday.


A woman was hit by bullets while lying in bed Sunday (Photo credit Julie Loncich/WBZ)

Lowell Woman Hit By Bullets While Lying In Bed

The shots came from outside the house, officials said.


The Lowell Goat arrives at his new home. (Image Credit: Animal Rescue League Boston)

‘The Lowell Goat’ Arrives In New Central Mass. Home

A goat that became famous on social media arrived Saturday at his new home.


Snow melter (Photo credit: City of Boston)

Towns Getting Waivers To Put Snow In Local Waterways

Four communities have been granted state waivers to put snow in local waterways.


A Lowell police cruiser was damaged in an incident with a suspect. (Image Credit: Lowell Police Department)

Lowell Police Officer Shoots Driver Of Stolen Truck

Christopher Bischoff was hospitalized in police custody after he was shot by a Lowell police officer.


Surveillance image of Lowell robbery suspect (WBZ-TV)

Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Doused Lowell Worker With Gasoline

Police have arrested a man they allege doused a Lowell convenience store clerk with gasoline and threatened to set the man on fire.


Surveillance image of Lowell robbery suspect (WBZ-TV)

Robber Throws Gasoline On Lowell Store Clerk

Lowell Police are looking for an armed robber who threw gasoline on a store clerk and threatened to light him on fire.


Frank Peabody of Lowell chased this goat on the loose through the city. (Photo credit: Frank Peabody)

Man Follows Goat On The Loose In Lowell

A Lowell man says he went on a three-and-a-half hour goat chase through the streets of Lowell Friday night.


Strawberry Cheesecake snow at Snowdaes (Image: Phantom Gourmet)

Phantom Gourmet: Snowdaes In Lowell

Snowdaes is a dessert destination that has customers coming from miles away for a taste of their signature shaved snow.