Logan Airport

A Norwegian Air Shuttle on the tarmac in Oslo. (Photo credit AAS, ERLEND/AFP/Getty Images)

All Things Travel: Norwegian Ramps Up Boston Flights

Scandinavia is the one area in Europe that currently does not have air service from Boston.


A plane bound for London made an unexpected landing at Logan Airport. (WBZ-TV)

Mechanical Issue Forces London-Bound Plane To Land At Logan Airport

A plane bound for London was forced to land at Logan Airport early Friday morning due to mechanical issue.


A plane that left from Boston was heavily damaged by hail. (Image Credit: Beau Sorensen/bsutah.com)

Delta Flight From Boston Damaged In Hail Storm

Delta flight 1889 from Boston to Salt Lake City was forced to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport after being damaged over the border of Nebraska and eastern Colorado Friday night.


A firefighter on board Flight 1281 on Friday in Boston. (Photo Courtesy: Patrick Gallagher)

JetBlue Flight Rerouted To Boston Due To Smoke Smell

A JetBlue plane heading to Richmond, Virginia from Boston had to be rerouted back to Logan Airport following a report of a smoke odor in the cabin.


(WBZ-TV Photo)

JetBlue Kicks Family With 2-Year-Old Off Flight From Boston

A Virginia family was kicked off a JetBlue flight leaving Boston after their 2-year-old son wouldn’t stay in his own seat.


Green laser in cockpit (File image from FAA)

Lasers Pointed At 2 Flights Landing At Boston’s Logan Airport

Laser lights were aimed at two flights while approaching Boston’s Logan Airport Wednesday night, the FAA said.


The ironworker fell 40 feet from this parking garage at Logan Airport. (Photo credit: Carl Stevens-WBZ NewsRadio 1030)

Iron Worker Critically Hurt In 40-Foot Fall At Logan Airport Construction Site

An iron worker was critically hurt after he fell 40 feet to the ground at a construction site at Logan Airport Friday.


(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Woman Charged With Smuggling Cocaine In Wheelchair At Logan Airport

Ireline Aponte Melende of the Dominican Republican allegedly put four bricks of cocaine into the battery of her wheelchair.


A passenger on board recorded video of the fire. (Image credit: Ryan Toth)

Boston-Bound Southwest Flight Aborts Takeoff After Engine Catches Fire In Chicago

A Boston-bound flight was aborted late Wednesday night after an engine caught fire during takeoff.


(File Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

United Airlines Flights Grounded Briefly By Computer Problem

All United Airlines flights nationwide were grounded for about an hour Wednesday because of computer problems.