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Lobster Population Is Shifting North; Ocean Warming Blamed

The trend is driving lobstermen in Connecticut and Rhode Island out of business, ending a centuries-old way of life.


The 'Surf 'N' Shack' burger (Photo credit Shake Shack)

Shake Shack Bringing Lobster-Topped Burger To Boston

Lobster on a burger? It’s coming to Shake Shacks around Boston for a limited time.


Lobster at the Summer Shack (Phantom Gourmet)

Phantom Gourmet: Summer Shack Restaurants

Phantom visits a favorite spot for lobster in Boston, Cambridge and Dedham.


Domenic the split-colored lobster. (Photo Credit: Chris Burgess/New England Aquarium)

Rare Split-Colored Lobster Caught Off Massachusetts Coast

New England Aquarium researchers say a rare split-colored lobster has been caught by a Winthrop lobsterman off the coast of Massachusetts.


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Lobster Prices Rise As Summer Season Gets Off To Slow Start

American lobster prices are rising as the summer fishing season gets off to a slow start in New England.


Lobster Grilled Cheese at Depot Street Tavern (Image: Phantom Gourmet)

Phantom Gourmet: Depot Street Tavern In Milford

The Depot Street Tavern is the kind of place only the locals know about: where the beer is ice cold, the atmosphere is like a party, the prices are lower than you can possibly imagine, and the food is better than you could ever expect.


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Naps & Lobster Are Good For Health

Dr. Mallika Marshall has good news if you like shellfish and naps.


Illegal egg-bearing lobsters. (Photo credit Brandon Bezio/Maine Marine Patrol)

Maine Fisherman In Hot Water Over Illegal Lobster Possession

Buying a fresh lobster can be expensive, but that’s nothing compared to the fines for catching the wrong kind of crustacean.


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Shrimp Shutdown Could Mean Cheaper Winter Lobsters

Fresh-caught Maine lobster might be a little more affordable this winter because the continued shutdown of the state’s shrimp season is keeping some lobstermen at sea deeper into the winter than usual.


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Crab-Stuffed Roasted Lobster Recipe For The Holidays

Try out this recipe for crab-stuffed roasted lobster from Ben Pollinger, author of “School of Fish.”