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What To Do If Your Child Has Head Lice

Experts recently announced that 25 states, including Massachusetts, now have head lice resistant to topical creams and lotions


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Drug-Resistant Head Lice In At Least 25 States, Report Finds

Drug-resistant head lice are now in 25 states, including Massachusetts, according to new research.


A woman checks a child's hair for lice. (WBZ-TV)

Kids With Lice Shouldn’t Miss School, Says American Academy Of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics says kids should no longer be required to miss school after contracting head lice.


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Police: Springfield Girl Dies During Head Lice Treatment

Massachusetts police are investigating the death of an 18-month old child who suffocated, apparently because of a home remedy for head lice involving mayonnaise and a plastic bag.


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More Lenient School Lice Policies Bug Some Parents

Some parents are scratching their heads over less restrictive head lice policies that allow children with live bugs in their hair to return to the classroom.