LeBron James Ego

Audio: LeBron's Ego Too Massive For GQ

LeBron James continued his ego tour with a recent interview and pictorial in GQ Magazine in which he once again referred to himself in the third person. Gresh & Zo analyze the whole LeBron saga, […]


T&R Podcast: 8/18 Hour 2

On this hour, Adolfo went to Fenway for Drunken Red Sox Recaps and they discuss LeBron James’ huge ego.


Felger & Mazz On: "The Decision"

Michael Felger and guest host Marc Bertrand mull over last night’s ESPN Special “The Decision.”


Felger & Mazz On: ESPN Breaking The LeBron Story

Early this morning, ESPN’s Chris Broussard broke the story that all signs are indicating that LeBron James will join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Felger and Massarotti wonder why ESPN would break their […]


LeBron And "The Decision"

Gresh & Zo take a look at all the rumors of LeBron James going to Miami and wonder if it’s the best move for him to make?  Also, is LeBron a jerk or misunderstood?  Why […]