Keller @ Large: What Brexit Vote Could Mean For Presidential RaceJon says it could mean nothing – or perhaps everything.
Keller @ Large: Shame On Media For Hiring Partisan Political OperativesShame on the media for turning precious airtime over to a bunch of shills.
Keller @ Large: Government Incompetence May Be Public Enemy Number 1Who’s responsible for the deep-seated anger at Washington that fueled the rise of both Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left?
Keller @ Large: Will Gun Control Sit-In Be A Turning Point?Will an old-fashioned sit-in to break the logjam over gun control work?
Keller @ Large: Grateful For My NeighborsA pitiful story makes Jon grateful for his neighbors.
Keller @ Large: Does The Money Race Matter?Donald Trump is losing the money race, badly. But does that really matter?
Keller @ Large: Government Censorship Getting WorseJust give it to us straight, whether its about weapons of mass destruction, rogue police violence, or who wants to slaughter us.
Keller @ Large: Be Careful What You Wish ForJon says you might want to be careful what you wish for when playing the lottery.
Keller @ Large: Real Gun Control Will Require Risk, Expense, CompromiseSerious gun control will require a difficult, politically risky deal that includes expense and compromise.
Keller @ Large: Do You Care About The Facts?Fact-checkers all over the world are wondering: do voters even care what the facts are anymore?
Keller @ Large: What's Wrong With An All-Woman Presidential Ticket?What is it about women in general that gives you guys pause?
Keller @ Large: Finger-Pointing Doesn't Address Human ErrorIn the wake of the horror in Orlando, politicians of all stripes are busy doing what they do best - finger-pointing.

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