Easy Ways To Stop Junk Mail According the Environmental Protection Agency, half of all that advertising mail gets tossed right in the trash without being read.
National Consumer Protection Week: Internet HoaxesPlease, please do not believe everything you read online and do not trust random websites! Or Facebook or Twitter!
National Consumer Protection Week: PhishingThis is National Consumers Protection Week. This is a campaign to reach consumers to help them make informed decisions but also to help them avoid being scammed.
Mass. Woman Gets Mail Addressed To Dog For Almost 30 YearsRuth has been getting mail addressed to her dog for almost thirty years. What is stranger is that her dog has been dead for twenty of those years.
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Viewers 'Curious' About Stopping Junk MailDo you ever cringe when you open your mailbox because it's stuffed with junk mail? A growing number of people are sick of getting ads, catalogs and...