Jon Keller

Keller @ Large: Dogs Bring Out Best In UsJon says they teach us about devotion, provide unmatched companionship, and offer unconditional love.
Keller @ Large: Emojis Taking Over CommunicationIs there anything more ubiquitous in our web driven culture than the emoji?
Keller @ Large: Politicians Have To Flip-Flop To SurviveTrash Hillary Clinton for her flip-flop if you like, or praise her for it. Jon Keller says they all have to do it.
Keller @ Large: Sexist Backlash Over Female SportscasterOh, the sheer horror! A woman! Doing baseball playoff color for the first time ever!
Keller @ Large: Technology Gone Too Far?Jon says in the end it’s up to us, the consumers, to use our brains instead of just letting them be used.
Keller @ Large: Skeptical Of StudiesJon is skeptical of all of those studies out there.
Keller @ Large: Patrick Kennedy Should Be CommendedPatrick Kennedy has done a hard but necessary thing – telling the truth about how addiction damages families, including his own.
Keller @ Large: Can DCF Be Fixed?State Auditor Suzanne Bump weighs in on the chronic problems of the troubled agency.
Keller @ Large: What Makes A Great Boston ManSome real men of Boston are proving the critics wrong. Jon Keller catches up with some of them at the 18th annual Men of Boston Cook for Women's Health fundraiser.
Keller @ Large: Pop Culture Also To Blame For Gun ViolenceJon says the NRA may make it easier for creeps to arm up, but popular culture helps propel them from having the weapons to using them.
Keller @ Large: Bush Ready To Go After TrumpIn an interview with WBZ’s Jon Keller, Bush made clear he's tired of being Trump's punching bag.
Keller @ Large: Wet Weather Driving LessonJon says it’s time to review the basic rules of safe wet-weather driving.