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The Paper Shuffle

You know the routine here, you move your stuff from one place to the next and maybe back again when you need the dining room table. It’s called The Paper Shuffle.

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FCC Approves Net Neutrality By 3-2 Vote

The move is considered by many to be the biggest regulatory shakeup to the communications industry in nearly two decades.


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Keller @ Large: Chinese Food Spat Shows Power Of The Internet

The recent spat between a Harvard professor and a Chinese restaurant shows how quickly the Internet can be used to turn against someone.


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Keller @ Large: Best Place To Express Your Opinion Without Anxiety

Thank goodness there’s still one place where dissidents can go to express their opinion without anxiety.


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I-Team: Feds In Boston Crack Down On International ‘Sextortion’ Cases

It starts when a young person puts their first compromising picture on the Internet.


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NightSide – Are We Giving Away The Internet?

Rick Manning, Director of Communications for Americans for Limited Government

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–05/22/2014

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Keller @ Large: How To Stop Internet From Being An Open Sewer

Can we turn back the rising tide of crass, vile gossip and trolling unleashed by the internet, and if so, how?


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Still Going With Credit Tips From The National Foundation For Credit Counseling

WBZ’s Dee Lee never gives up on you. Here are even more great credit tips from The National Foundation For Credit Counseling.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–11/14/2013


Daily Talker: Do You Trust Kids To Police Their Online Posts?

Social media giant Facebook is lifting restrictions on its youngest users — from 13 to 17 — allowing them to share posts with anyone on the internet. Do you trust kids to police their online posts? How do you monitor your kids?


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Keller @ Large: Mixed Feelings About Power Of Internet

We’re seeing how knowledge without context or constraint can liberate the worst within us along with the best.